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Sweat - New Album Release
I am working on my 5th album and I would love for you to be part of it!!!

Hello fans! I am working on my 5th release and I am excited to share it with you. In the past several months I have been songwriting with Grammy winning songwriters in Nashville for my new album "Sweat". I am thrilled with the tunes we have written. We have come up with some groovy arrangements that I know you will love. I am excited to be working again with my producer Grammy Lifetime Achievement winner former Allman Brothers Johnny Neel.

We are getting ready to get into the studio to lay it all down. There are many costs in producing a new body of time, musicians, mixing, mastering, artwork, replication, advertising and the list goes on.

By joining me in the making of this special project, you will have an all access backstage pass with updates as the project unfolds. I am offering very special packages at various pledge levels for you to enjoy including exclusive downloads, CD packages, T-shirts, coffee mugs, office sets, hats, live performances and your chance to become an executive producer of the album!!! There is also an opportunity for you to become a corporate sponsor and let me advertise for you.

So won't you join me and be part of my musical history?! Check out my store below and be part of the action.

 Backstage Pass

U.S. orders only except "Sweat" download

Download Sweat 10


Sweat signed CD 25


Sweat unsigned CD 20


Office Set 35


Hat 20


Niecie T shirt 20


Microphone T Shirt 20


Poster 20


Lyric Sheet 100


Whole Enchilida 150


Corporate Sponser 1000


Eecutive Producer 500


Full band 2500


coffee mug 20


Mouse Pad


Calender 20



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