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soundguardian may 2014

Niecie - Wanted Woman

By Mladen Loncar

The path that this album has traveled a long and miles and days from Nashville to my mailbox. Few pay tribute to all, but in the end it worked out well and now will follow the story that is on its third album offered a singer who was on the blues scene has existed for more than 20 years. Niecie is catering recorded and released last year, their third studio album "Woman Wanted" over their Ride The Tiger Records.

Already on "Traffic Light," which opens the album, we hear how the job is done producer Johnny Neel, who can hear the background color of each song on this album. Listening keyboards, Hammond B3 and percussion, many will remember this great musician and producer who has worked with really big names such as The Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule, or with another member of Allman, Dickey Betts. However, it is difficult to make any musical background could come to the fore front of the band and behind the microphone stands an excellent Niecie. Her musical journey and career began under the auspices of Motown and then, as things developed, Niecie every day was getting better and more attractive, and her vocal presentation attracted more and more attention of the audience, but also other musicians who recognized that her strong presentation line. Although not a dark color, in her voice every now and feel the power what they had large and, unfortunately, the late blues diva. From soul, through R & B to psychedelic rock, Woodstock era, jazz and blues, Niecie from Detroit moves on her musical journey that is still going on, and she carried it with all your might. When she arrived in the Windy City, the blues became her food, as it is completely relaxed and surrendered its simplicity, beauty and strong emotional innervation, and all it takes from the early eighties.

It is no wonder that the Niecie vocal references generously shared the stage and provided with, for example, Koko Taylor, Magic Slim and The Teardrops him, Larry McCray, and with another great singer Shaun Murphy and many other equally important and significant artists. All this had only a positive reflection on her vocal modulation, strength and extreme security in the presentation.

There certainly must be present and the people who have participated on this album; besides the already mentioned Johnny Neela and, of course, very Niecie, that we can still hear the great guitarist Chris Anderson, Danny Hamelin and Jon Conley, Dennis Gulley on bass, Daryl Burgess on drums and great backing vocals Kim Morrison. This team has brought audiences an album that is already safely observed in many blues circles of official criticism over the audience and to fellow musicians. Simply all have only words of praise, as well as the Blues Festival Guide says: 'Niecie's latest release has been taking the blues world by storm!' And the storm was likely caused by tracks like the aforementioned rock "Traffic Light", and there are still beside her and me equally effective "You Would not Know It Now" exceptional treatment "Crying For My Baby" Harold Burrage to 1960., energetic "Strange Way" rhythmic "Blues Is not Nothin '" or calming bluzisti─Źna "Just Can not Walk Away", which is again routed excellent keyboards. Another rock-charged, "Typical Chick" is a fun song dominated by drums in a clash with effective trading piano and guitar, and there is a nine-effective "Mother Nature" Little Milton. EXCELLENT!

In the end, it is no wonder that, for example, Rex Bartholomew says, "This is a great collection of well-written songs that were recorded by the best in the business, and she should be proud of what she has accomplished. I hope you get a chance to give it a listen!

My recommendation would be the following: 'If you like strong, dynamic themes, if you love' southern slide guitar, keyboards and usviranu great, great rhythm section, if you love the blues, do not doubt that for a second, but reach for "Wanted Women", which is excellent singer Niecie hit a powerful seal to her upward career, and blues scene in general.

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