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Rootstime Dec2018

Niecie - Trouble With A Capital T

Niecie was born and grew up in Motown. In the 1980s, Niecie left "Motor City" Detroit to move to "Windy City" Chicago, where the blues found a place in her heart. In Nashville, the capital of music, she records three albums and that period she is on stage with Koko Taylor, Magic Slim & Teardrops, Larry McCray, Shaun Murphy, Anthony Gomes and ex-Allman Brother, Johnny Neel.

In 1997 Niecie worked as a songwriter on the blues compilation album 'Blues Deluxe' (Mona Lisa Records) and, she released her debut album 'Peace Of My Mind'. She releases it together with producer / drummer Nioshi Jackson. It is then waiting until 2011 when 'Beyond The Surface' appears. After the success of 'Wanted Woman' [2013], Niecie worked again with producer Johnny Neel and recently released 'Trouble with a Capital T'. Niecie invited, among other things, the legendary R & B singer Shaun Murphy as a "special guest". Niecie wrote five of the eleven songs himself, but also Johnny Neel, Doug Jones and EG Kight contributed to the songwriting.

Through the cutting guitar of Chris Anderson and the driving rhythm, the opener rocks "Thank God For Fools". Then it will all be very funky in "Memphis Stomp". The sax of Richard Griffin and the trumpet of Joe Gross provide the spiky riffs, while Melissa Alesi provides the background vocals. A second song that Niecie wrote with Kim Morrison is "Two Can Play That Game". The song, with a message to an unfaithful lover, is pushed through the bass by Dennis Gulley and the rhythm of drummer Daryl Burgess. "Waiting for the Shoe to Drop" is a beautiful slow blues, which Niecie sings very nicely while Johnny Neel accompanies her on piano. "Two Sides to Every Story" rocks relaxed and on the sultry "Sweet" the horns are again and Niecie is soft and cheeky. Here Shaun Murphy sings the backing vocals and Griffin does a horny solo on sax. In the funky title track "Trouble With a Capital T" Niecie clearly indicates that she is nobody to spot. The bass line is played here (as in five other songs) by Randy Coleman, Neel takes place behind the B3 and Joe Conley has put the guitar around. "Baby It's Working" is sure to remind you of the Stones' "Honky Tonk Women", "Rise Up" has something of a work song and "Lighter Shade of Blue" is less because Niecie never finds her vocal comfort zone completely. There is still the valve "Just this Side of Memphis". With Doug Jones and Johnny Duke on guitar, Dennis Gulley on bass, Randy Russell and Jesse Meeks as backing vocals, Niecie can finish with a lot of wah-wah effects in beauty.

"For more than twenty years, Niecie has been successfully defending her place in the music scene. On 'Trouble With a Capital' we can enjoy again singer-songwriter qualities, and top musicians she's surrounded by ... "- esc for

Eric Schuurmans

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